Jack the Ripper    (human people)

BIO by Encyclopedia Americana    Jack the Ripper, who's age, nationality and true identity are unknown, was London's most spectacular  murderer. Once accused of killing as many as 14 drunken prostitutes, he is now thought to have murdered 6 or 7…
Dream interpreted [       She was a woman. Madame and her younger lady friend rented a small but cozy flat in a not too elegant part of town. It was a coming down for Madame, or so she said. She had seen her better days. She was a foreigner here from northern Spain. So, here she was now hauling furniture into the new flat, and just now her young companion changed her mind about moving in with her. The girl decided not to share a house with Madame. It hurt. She made a humble modest beginning in the old trade, with three imbecilic girls working for her. Well, the youngest one, still a child, was pretty enough. Sickly looking though. Madame made friends with the neighbors. Not that she liked any of them, but one must be polite. And of course her girls made friends with the other prostitutes in the neighborhood. Events took an unhappy turn. The three imbeciles escaped! Madame and the doorman searched far and wide. In time she learned that the youngest died (TB) and the other two were hiding out. When approached, they refused to return. Madame's wrath knew no limit. The killings ended with her own death.    ]

Former life of the Ripper

Dream interpreted [       He was a Norseman. He was well employed in a shipyard in Norway and enjoyed a good life. One day a man approached him with an urgent message from a friend who has been blinded. Blinded? Madame asked amused. How impaired is his vision? He is totally blind and is begging you to come, the messenger pleaded. Totally blind. Serves him right, the pig, said Madame with a laugh, and of course she did not go. Sometime later he was a member of a jovial raiding party to Scotland. They did reach land, but Madame died during the great eating and drinking bout that followed.  ]

Astral life of the Ripper

Dream interpreted [     There was no gender awareness, therefore I will continue to call her/him Madame. When Madame arrived to the astral she had to write the same test Eichman has. She failed, showing mental retardation and was placed in an institute. No longer a child but a young adult in the astral, Madame had little comprehension at first of the world about her. She ate when food was placed on the table, walked when told to walk. Lately there seems to be a dawning of intelligence. She recognizes some of her fellow patients, also some of their characteristics. For example, there is the woman who is ashamed of having a child and tries to conceal the fact. Some visitors come with goodwill. There is a lot of filth to clean up. (always that of others', never one's own). Madame never has visitors, neither does she think of having any. No consciousness of personal relationships. ]

Life of the Orlov diamond     (mineral people)

BIO by author     The Orlov Diamond a 200 carat rose-cut, according to legend, was stolen from an Indian temple where it formed one of the eyes of an idol. Eventually bought by a Russian prince, it is now in the USSR diamond treasury
Dream interpreted [     I came for a passive form of life. I started out my life by being carried by someone I will call Bjorn. I think he is a vee simple minded, but ah, how they love me. They love me, they take tender care of me, caress me. No, I am not in love with Bjorn. I accept being his adoration, that is all. Our lives follow the same path for quite some time. They take me off, put me back again and so on..  
I am being carried by a different media now, this time belonging to a certain aunt, who has three children like myself. One child I especially like, he is an intelligent little boy-diamond, about 4 carats. His brother is a carat bigger but not anywhere near as bright. The little ruby sister is stupid. She has no understanding of anything about her. I am telling you, she must be a bit retarded. During this phase of my life we may do as we please, chase and play with the children. Occasionally they bring us forth to Aunt, then we return to our sleeping compartments. Towards the end of this phase in my life we are at aunt's country estate.
How different everything looks here. I don't like this house, it’s small and dark. The garden is fine. In fact we are being exhibited on this green velvet, us children, I mean. The others happily running about, I take care of the sparkly little son while Aunt is away. Sort of babysitting. But there she comes now. She sits with us, I put the little boy down, who acts sleepy, then falls asleep on the green. Aunt caresses her small son tenderly. It is quite evident who is the favorite in the family. And him being tired. No wonder, we had a long but happy day. I touch his sleeping little form with emotion. A young man joins us. I think he is aunt's blond son, or what would he be doing here? He looks me over. Oh yeh, he is interested, is he! The creep. Well, I don't give a damn. The ungrateful brute. Look how he leans over me tenderly, full of desire. I detest him. What has happened was this: He said, I think I will go for a walk, I want to see the village again. Then he stole out of the house via the ditch. Here he lay low, for the neighbor woman just happened to come visiting aunt. Huh, that was a close call. It was late night and very dark, the village deserted. All he carried with him was a small bag with me in it, and a knife. I am seeing through his own eyes, of course, and at this moment I hoped we would meet Aunt's younger brother, a man who once truly loved me. I want to go back to him.
How the place had changed! I don't recognize anyone here anymore. It’s like a foreign country. I don't understand. A couple pass us on bicycle. Some Chinese looking children. A cinema, but we don't enter. Here he hides his knife in his pocket, people should not see it. Probably it looks silly or something. We stop in a large shop. I am not sure what they sell here, perhaps everything, judged by the variety of articles. My companion wants a haircut and we stop at the barber. The barber recognizes me at once. Now, all my life I was used to being loved and adored and frankly I have missed being in the lime light lately. I am rather pleased by being recognized by this man. The trouble is I don't remember his face.
Maybe because people grow so fast. One day you are children together, on the next they are six foot tall and aged so much that you have no idea who they might have been. This barber tells me details of my childhood, details that are true, proof that he knows me. I don't remember him at all, how embarrassing. Might he have been Bjorn the village idiot? I am not sure. I turn away raising my eyes in an effort of recall. Meanwhile someone wants to take my picture.
A flashlight!...
Whatever happened that moment I have no clear explanation for. As I said I raised my eyes, and suddenly saw the image, or mirage, or I don't know what (photograph) but I swear to you the smokestacks of the factory were right on front of me! I felt paralyzed by fear. How is it possible? Oh god, I don't want to go back there, those horrible smoke-stacks (carbon state), no, no, I don't want to go back. I pretend to have fainted and fall to the ground. They all bend over me concerned. I whisper, as if still half fainted I don't want to go back to the factory, I don't want to go... We are being displayed in a large hall. People come and stare.
The fact is, they only exhibit the younger ones, not the older people.   ]

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