BIO by Encyclopedia Americana     Pope John XXIII was one of the 13 children of a tenant farmer whose family had worked the same land for centuries, he began his preliminary studies for the priesthood in Bergamo at the age of 13 and continued them in Rome, where he was ordained in 1904.


Pope John XXIII is said to have died of cancer, refusing drugs, while Catholics stood by in muted compassion for the man they loved. Large crowds assembled and prayed for him on St Peter square.
Dream [   ...Suddenly strange beings flew into the room. John knew at once they were from another planet, perhaps from another world. They were old friends, he recognized them without difficulty; only such a long time ago, such a long ago. Here they were. He gladly joined them for a flight close to the ceiling of his stately sickroom. It was pure enjoyment to mingle with this cheerful crowd. They reminisced of times spent together in the past, then John was gently called back to his ravaged physical body. He looked at people surrounding his sickbed. All busy, all anxious to do something for him. He appreciated it. Back with the angels. This time Rampa was among them. Rampa, you rascal, you have come! How nice to see you. Together they set down and talked for a long time. They were dear friends, separated too long. But now Rampa had come and nothing else could have given John such pleasure. The doctor again. Handling and being urged to fight on. He returned to his beloved Rampa as soon as he could. Rampa spoke to him of his own death among the Himalayas, and a sudden fear crept into John's mind. Why speak of death? He did not want to die. Rampa said he will have to die again soon. To die? Who? John threw himself passionately on Rampa's chest, kissing his face, lips, eyes. A naughty twinkle appeared in Rampa's eyes. Look what did you do. He had an erection. John was a little embarrassed, but the whole affair seemed to be rather hilarious and asked Rampa if he had ever seen himself naked? Only when I masturbate, said Rampa. You too? They discussed their celibate lives on Earth. John hoped he would never had to do it over again. Rampa said celibacy too has its place, depending on the individual. Time had come.
John was reminded that the last onslaught was still to come, and he tore himself away from Rampa. The angels stood by in sympathy... the doctor... Stone cutters hammering at monuments... Fishermen stand by ...relatives ...people crossing waters That woman had just died, she will be buried... Stone-cutters...That child has just died, she will be buried. The woman and child hand in hand crossing the waters...Bring more sand to stop the flood ...stone-cutters....a strange sound. What is it? It is a powerful vibration. Being pulled in two directions. The sound is getting stronger ...vibration... (the sounds of prayers down the plaza)   ]

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