The subject matter is telepathy, the connecting theme is the life of Jesus, not by the New Testament but as I gathered the information telepathically  in real time through his own recollections and that of his contemporaries. Accordingly, Joseph and Mary were employed by the Nazareth court of Herod Antipas, son of Herod the Great. Joseph a carpenter, Mary a maid. When Antipas' mother, now divorced from Herod, came to live with them in Nazareth bringing her five younger children, Antipas viewed them as possible challengers to his throne. Together with his wife Herodias they undertook to erase all traces of these children by butchering and feeding them to their dogs. Mary discovered the atrocity and was able to smuggle out two, as well as Herodias’ own young daughter Salome, who later betrayed her. 

This was the household Joseph and Mary lived in and raised their own six children, three sons and three daughters. Jesus in adulthood, his ministry established, felt confident enough to address the issue of the skeletons in the Antipas/Herodias closet, setting off a new round of killings. Joseph died by falling, Mary poisoned, Jesus crucified, his siblings scattered. When finally the romans initiated an investigation into the restlessness in the territories, cover-ups and killings began anew.  All the players of this drama has been reborn in the 20th century, independent of one-another with one thing in common: at one time or other most of them crossed path with me. Much astral preparation went into creating this book, people chosen, places picked, so that when we are here on stage, subconscious recognition would assist us.

Ch 1    Historical records were usually written by those in power. How accurate are they?

Ch 2 -7  Author’s autobiography. Born in Budapest, Hungary in 1937 to humble parents. Childhood marred by World War II. Life in poverty; being raised by an uneducated, widowed mother in a male dominated society. Escape to the west. Life in North America as wife of a repressed homosexual. Single once again, self-supporting in a male dominated oil industry.

Ch 8   Having read psychology extensively, found gaps in the knowledge, specifically a lack of definition of dreams. Defined telepathy as the universal means of communication that automatically translates to the receivers' working language.

Ch 9-10  Hands-on examples of dream interpretation through the present/past/astral lives of historical persons as compared to official biographies; also some animals and plants.

Ch 11    A group of extraterrestrials are currently seeking to establish contact with us demonstrate that language barriers are bridged by telepathy. They are from Ganymede, one of Jupiter's largest moons. In former lives they have lived on Earth, are known to us as Leonardo Da Vinci, Galileo Galilee, Blaise and Etienne Pascal, Renee Descartes and Marie Curie.

Ch 12 - 15   The astral body is the term borrowed from Rampa to describe our transcending self that passes on after death.

Ch 16    Worked as a volunteer care giver with handicapped children at Providence Center. On a one-to-one basis established rapport with each, recorded their present/past/astral lives that shows how a past trauma continues to influence the psyche of the individual.

Ch 17 - 22   The astral family is the permanent unit. Earth relationships after death may or may not continue. Approx. once in a thousand years each person fulfills a life on Earth, then returns to the astral where life is similar to Earth life, i.e. society, family structure, etc. (Ch. 36). The physical body left behind disintegrates while intellectual and emotional traits are carried on. In analogy, changing ones clothes has no bearing on the mind.

Ch 23   Past and present lives of the Dalai Lama who claims to have reincarnated 14 times.

Ch 24 - 25    The movie Capricorn One was based on the belief of some people in the motion picture industry that the american moon landing in 1969 may not have taken place. Life Magazines' Commemorative Issue of the 1969 Moon Landing has numerous discrepancies on the astronauts’ clothing and a flag that appears windblown, even a pair of footprints that look like regular shoe prints. Prior to the historic 1969 moon landing a grand rehearsal was held in the Canadian Sudbury nickel mines, where the terrain most resembles the moon's surface. During the actual moon landing’s televised broadcasts' dead air was filled by segments of the Sudbury rehearsal, marked “Simulation”. From the quality of the images it was hard to tell which is which.

Ch 26 -27   Organized crime activities develop in my city and industry, the narcotic business gains foothold. Some of Jesus’ contemporaries known to us as the “apostles” now live in Canada;  also Ali and Fatima are born.

Organized crime activities are extended to Hungary with attempts to involve my own family.

Ch 28   Identity theft. How safe are your credit cards, your government files? Former elementary school classmates from Budapest recruited to take on my identity. The plot discovered, several arrested  and executed.

Ch 29 -30   Organized crime activities, the narcotics trade, perpetrators, victims. Infiltration of various law enforcement agencies by some of the “nicest people”,  well dressed, well spoken.

In 1984 -85 the University of Calgary’s science department maintained a 60% failure rate. With swelling class sizes, some of the methods to collect enrollment and course fees while cutting student numbers is described.

Lawyers, retainer fees, stalled cases, private detectives’ allegiances but not necessarily to the client, tricks of the trade. Wills. Will it be treated with integrity, or are there possibilities for abuse? “If you could only hear them think”, well now you can learn the method to do so.

Ch 31 -32  Democracy in practice. Provincial election campaign in a Calgary blue-collar constituency. Some campaign workers profiled.

Ch 33    Examples of child sex abuse cases worldwide as reported by the press

Ch 34   In 1990 Jesus was born in Croatia during the serb-croatian war and was placed in a Zagreb orphanage; sexually abused and murdered.

CH 35   Retirement. The plight of the elderly without family support is highlighted through the case of a victim in Budapest. Hospitalized with a broken arm, she was tricked into signing her extended stay at the facility. Feeling trapped, it turned into a desperate fight for survival in the face of the illegal international trade of human body parts.

Ch 36   The Creator of a multi-dimensional universe gives examples of his work and shows some traits of his personality. Based on principles of physics and astrophysics the astral is explained. A visual image of the essence of the Creator, only as he can show it. The word God is archaic intoning omnipotence and omnipresence. There is no such a being, leader would be more appropriate. If Earth is a global village, God is the headman. I call him Godfather, his wife Godmother, for being the astral parents of Jesus and his four siblings. 

Becoming god is an evolving process of skill, personality and dedication. The Creator mostly creates and organizes matter from the subatomic to galaxies. Parallel universes, the age of the universe; other Earth-like-life supporting planets.

Attempts to find a publisher for my manuscript becomes a menace to my personal safety. Surreptitious entries and searches of my home. The struggle to defend the integrity of the manuscript against sharks. A literary agent asks for a full copy of the work, sometime later an adapted version of it appears on television. Writers beware if you can.

Marie Curie, reborn on Ganymede, one of Jupiter’s moons, prepares for her interplanetary voyage for a public landing at the Banff, Alberta. Beyond the wildest dreams of our space industries, priceless equipment and technology drops out of the sky. Can her safe return to her planet guaranteed? Some world leaders telepathically consent, Canada and the USA not among them.

Why are they seeking contact? They have been successful transplanting some trees from Earth to Ganymede and would like to experiment with grain types.

As the end of my own life on Earth approaches, planning for my return to the astral begins. Choices offered, accepted or rejected.

Ch 37    Wile on Earth, Ibn Saud lived in an islamic polygamous society and has had a large number of wives. At present I live in a society in the west, where linear polygamy is becoming common, meaning one marriage follows another, the concept of monogamy under assault.

Politically, the Middle East is in turmoil, there is conflict with jewish imperialistic expansion and land-grab of palestinian lands.

My life is being threatened by identity theft with the purpose of steeling my book and rewrite it sympathetic to the current political leadership of the United States and British crown.

Ch 38     My cat Tiger II develops the painful gum disease and I am faced with the issue of mercy killing. Reborn three weeks later in the same litter with my long lost pet Priscilla. How much memory do we bring through at rebirth? The kittens recall some of their life events I have been witness to.

Ch 39 - 40   My dialogue with the Creator. Who is he, where is he, can he be seen? Gravity. We know it by its effects but what exactly is it? If I was tiny enough to walk inside the nucleus, what would I see? Inside a ray of sunlight? Physics can be such a blast! The impenetrable dark matter. Why is it impenetrable? Some answers are given.

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