Calling the mother of Jesus a virgin is the ultimate insult to womanhood.      Kathie Bondar

Amazing thing, religion is. Born out of torture, brutality and immense suffering, to bring serenity and goodness to people and to guide them to God.

I followed developments long after my crucifixion. I saw how the crowd divided and formed small groups, each proclaiming his own truths and rights.        Jesus, Ch 11

I perform my work as chief justice, preparing for what people on Earth expect as the “Last Judgment”. Long preparations and much planning went into the work. My conscious is clear.           Albert Schweitzer now in the astral, Ch 15

Bringing down the exalted image of Virgin Mary will not be easy; it is embedded in people's imagination. The same goes for the Dalai Lama of Tibet, who, some believe is a god.

Moral values must advance by changing times. A woman can be feminine and intelligent. She should not be restricted to reproduction. A planned population growth acquired  immediate urgency on Earth, a problem that peoples must work out for themselves.              Godfather, astral father of Jesus,  Ch  23

Your book will spell the end of papacy. I bear no grudge against Paul VI. There has been good popes and bad ones. Purging one would be just as senseless as going back in history, trying to purge all the others. Let papacy stand as a monument in history, a period piece of christianity.             Pope John XXIII now in the astral, Ch 23

Father inquired about islamic marriage laws. Ibn Saud replied that by islamic law a man could have four wives. Father wanted to know if this meant four wives, or four wives at the time, plus concubines? I uphold monogamy, that of one spouse for life. The lives of Albert Schweitzer or Marie Curie are good examples.

Scientists are trained to breed animals for the slaughter house. Scientists are trained for space research in order to conquer and colonize other planets. Scientists are trained to construct nuclear weapons capable of destroying all life on Earth. But those who build those weapons, are careful enough to protect their own lives and safety, leaving countless millions exposed. I am warning you!

                Jesus,   Ch 23

My work is in law. I wrote the Ten Commandments. Presently Mohammed and I are engaged in challenging errors in the Koran. The Koran is an old authority and there are several points we disagree with. It is not easy for us to stand up and oppose it.

               Ibn Saud in the astral,   Ch 25

When a drug addict comes to you, you must do all you can to help, be his plea direct or implied. Substance abuse is a major evil today.              Albert Schweitzer in the astral,  Ch 25

Celibacy should not be discarded lightly. However, I see merit in the hindu system where people marry and raise a family, but when time comes, he/she enters into the service of  the church, and  takes up a vow of celibacy. We should channel  the elderly towards the church where they may find a new meaning to life and prepare for the astral. Many have financial security and time, they would make pillars of faith.              Jesus,  Ch 25

The jews in the Middle East and elsewhere must assimilate. I do not recognize racial and ethnic differences. Cultural differences evolve due to the environment, not because people are inherently different.             Ibn Saud.   Ch 27

How could I be accused of antisemitism, being married to the most famous Jewess of all. Unless of course the jews do not recognize the Virgin Mary as jewish.            Ibn Saud, (my astral husband) Ch 28

Western nations profit by arms manufacture, selling them to the gullible. By eliminating violent tendencies we eliminate the market for arms. Westerners will be forced to turn their talents and energies to more constructive endeavor.      Ibn Saud in the astral,  Ch 29

Your democracy stinks. When an innocent person needs to prove his innocence, ney, needs to prove he is being accused, that is not democracy. Framing people, and the reason being framed for.

Space exploration. Crazy. I don't understand this madness toward space, both in the west and east. Every launch of a spacecraft puts a huge amount of pollution into the atmosphere. They destroy Earths' environment so they could move their people to a distant desolate planet.             Ibn Saud ,  Ch.36

The arms race. Earth is heading towards eradication of all life just as it happened to Mars.     The Creator,  Ch 36

Last update:  February 2018