Jesus : Crucifixion, in his own words

There was no transfiguration. The world has been blinded by three men.

 I lived in the palace of Herodias. Although our room was small and poorly furnished, I had access to all other rooms in the palace. To talk, to play, to entertain or to be entertained by myself. The palace was a large gloomy place. Sinister. I was eager to leave it.

 The way it started was this: Herodias invited me to a sumptuous mid ? day meal in her office. She was exceptionally friendly. We chatted as we ate. I did know something of her background and I touched on this issue. The interview concluded amicably enough, but at this moment I knew that a monumental movement of persecution has been set in motion. Terrifying for all involved. Many died, some survived, but nobody escaped unscathed. When it is all over the world goes on again.

I paused in the lobby. The fact is, while in the office of Herodias, I conceived an idea. Those murders. It causes me anxiety. It's no easy matter to attack a government office. Salome stopped to chat. I mentioned my plans to her in the hope she would negotiate between her mother and myself. But Salome decided not to become involved. She said it did not really concerned her any more; I could do as I pleased with my information. I decided to think it over. At any rate, Salome has been told.

Some time later I ran into Elizabeth on the street. She was on her way to visit us, so I invited her in. I asked for John's whereabouts. Elizabeth said John was out in the country, baptizing people. I suggested he call on me as soon as possible on an urgent matter.

 What we did next was this: John the Baptist and I went to Jerusalem. Old Herod was partly retired from political life by now and kept picking his flowers during the interview. I passed on my information, which made him break out in a senile yelling and he had us arrested on the spot. I suggested to talk this over calmly in private, so we entered his chambers. I sensed his hostility during our talk. His eyes were rolling and his soldiers threatened with torture. They took John away; I did not know where. As I stood there betaking the old man's fury and his soldiers' threats, something unexpected happened: suddenly his soldiers collapsed and embraced my legs. Herod himself was paralyzed motionless by the sight and I walked out with mixed emotions.

My first glimpse of Pilate's wife? It was when I was being tortured. She wore a pretty crown of black curly hair about her face, Roman style. My torture was a regular butcher job. They tied me to a post and beat me; fractured my skull under her supervision.

The Holy Land is my garden. I am its gardener. Mine is a humble profession and people like to walk over me. In this garden I planted innumerable plants to grow and blossom; restored life to the withered or dying. I fertilized the soil and gave drink to the thirsty.

I have planted all the plants planned to be planted. My job is finished. As I survey it, people demand more, so I reach for new planters, soil, territory. Water it and there you are. Peter and Paul have been guided on their respective routes on purpose. There has been much suffering and bloodshed in our drama, but the spirit did spread all over the world. The law of nature.

While I was still busy preaching among the people, investigations began. James, son of Herod initiated it. My visit to Herod began to bear results. I liked James. Even though he was a member of the privileged, he tried to be honest and impartial in his investigation. No, he was not an apostle. He was an investigator.

They entrapped us together. No one was more stunned or frightened than James Herod. 

Then came the crucifixion. While carrying the cross on foot, I have experienced a certain mental transference. I was no longer a participant but an observer, completely detached. The body operates mechanically. As they laid out the three crosses I felt considerable anxiety. They bound us secure to it, nailed my hands and feet. Then I felt the swaying as they stood it up and the crowds disappeared from my sight.

When a man dies on Earth his astral body remains near his physical for a length of time. And so was I there, witnessing the tales of transfiguration. It was true only in an abstract sense like the birth of religion.

Amazing thing, religion is. Born out of torture, brutality and immense suffering, to bring serenity and goodness to people and to guide them to God.

I followed developments long after my crucifixion. I saw how the crowd divided and formed small groups, each proclaiming his own truths and rights     Jesus

(Most people mentioned above are currently living new lives on Earth, Herodias, Peter & Paul (both died in the early 2000s) and John the Baptist in Canada, Apostle James in the USA)

Last update:  February 2018