Man crucified with Jesus: in his own words

When young, I took ill with the dreaded disease, polio. There was no cure nor any hope for recovery. Some devoted friends took me in to be nursed night and day. They taught me to walk again, as I was too weakened. At last I was able to rise. I still don't know why the old man did it. Why he and his family stood by me, a stranger? God bless him for he saved my life.

I was the king's man (Herod Antipas). The king gave order to melt down his jewelry, for he was going on a trip. Rumors had it that he was planning to elope. Whether he wanted to or not we never found out. The fact is, the gold and jewels have been stolen the night before we could get to it. His wife did it, transported it to a safe place, so that the king had no choice but to stay. Who could travel without gold? How he grumbled. His plans fouled, his trip prevented, the gold gone, he was stuck with the lady.

I had no part of the Movement, although I sympathized with it. Perhaps I was on the verge of joining when it all ended in tragedy.

Jesus had a special air about him that affected us all. My arrest came as a dreadful shock. The terrible monster, well camouflaged, raised its head and I was helpless. I was frightened and called for help, but those were uncertain times and no-one dared to come forward (also said by Joseph of Arimathea, in his latest life knows as J. S. Bach).

She hanged us for the show of it. More impressive to have three than one. We were all young an innocent.

When Jesus died I hated him. Him and his mother. I hated him for his easy escape while we were condemned to stay day and night, day and night... it takes a long time to die on the cross. Time to think, time to talk, time to argue, until at last your mind blurs and you just stare at the vast expanse ahead of you. You think of what will happen to your body. Sure, Jesus would be buried but what about me? I would end up on the dump... they break your legs so you cannot escape, as if you were not tied well enough already. What does it matter...

(Note:  In his next life he was known as Ginepro, brother of Francis of Assisi, in his present life he lives in Croatia. He is one of my astral sons, sometimes we communicate telepathically. Both his astral father Ibn Saud and I love him dearly)

Last update:  February 2018