Born in Budapest in 1937. Her father George Benedek Sr was floor manager at Keramia brick factory. Has one brother, George, living in Budapest with his family. In 1943 her father was conscripted into the army and sent to the Russian front. In 1945 he disappeared and was declared dead, but over 50 years later he came out of hiding to investigate some organized crime activities coming into Hungary from Canada, directed against his wife and son. He died by poisoning.

Her mother Roza with a grade three education earned a meager living as a cleaning woman. In the early 1950s boys were eligible for scholarships, enabling George to complete his education at the Academy of Fine Arts to become sculptor and painter. At age 16 Ms Bondar quit school out of necessity to supplement the family income and went to work as an office assistant in a brick factory. In the wake of the 1956 Budapest uprising against Russian occupation since the end of WWII, she escaped from Hungary and found refuge in Oslo, Norway. 

In 1961 she married a Hungarian/Canadian in Calgary. It turned out to be an abusing relationship and they divorced three years later. For the next 35 years Ms Bondar worked as a technician in the oil industry, then as a data conversion technician. After 56 years in the workforce she retired at 72. Not having had children, she shares her home with three cats, four budgies and two cockatiels (the birds flying free in their own room). The birds with short lifespans anywhere between 5 and 20 years, proved excellent subjects for inquiries into reincarnation cycles, memory processing, storing and retrieving after rebirth.

She read history and biography extensively, then the entire psychology section of the Public library and found the discipline lacking proper definition. Sigmund Freud discovered that dreams are significant in some way, but took the wrong turn to  sensational interpretations that brought him fame at the time, but the flame was not sustainable.

Discovering her own telepathic abilities in the 1970s set Ms Bondar on the course that produced this book. She was able step over the hurdle that sidetracked the Freudian school and defined the dream as telepathy in the sleeping state. This led to investigation into past lives and the ability to read not only the present and past but also the afterlife in the "world beyond", the parallel universe.

While thus engaged she found herself targeted for theft of her intellectual property, not an uncommon practice but seldom brought to light. 

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