In the 21st century religion is losing its relevance to science, scientists are the new deities. After all, science gives us tools to provide comfort, lighten work, conquer disease, build bigger and better weapons to fight the enemy; science gives us nuclear energy with the capability to annihilate all life.

This is the 21st century, who needs religion, we have laws, moral codes and guides and besides nobody really knows if there is a God? And if there is one, why did he do it?

There is a saying among educators “publish or perish”. For an academic to stay relevant he needs to publish. To publish he needs to do research, to do research he needs financial backing, usually in the form of government grants. To get a grant he needs to apply with, justification that his proposed research will be relevant.

One popular project is probing the origin of the universe. It is somewhat like a kid banging his head in the wall, or my favorite detective who knows from start his criminal but focuses his investigation around some unrelated bystander, prolonging his double pay overtime.
The Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang event is thought to have occurred in a fraction of a second when a tiny particle exploded and expanded. Where did this particle come from? Nobody says, not even asks. The pundits certainly must know, we trust, they would not imply that the universe was born out of nothing? Yesterday nothing, today a Universe. Could not this happen to tennis shoes?

My attention drifts toward Wormholes. My idea of a Wormhole event would be a passage from A to B in a period of time T. My Wormhole theory of the birth of the universe could not happen without another universe already in existence at some place or dimension, that pulled through the passage and made its way to where we are today. 

Just saying, an independent amateur not a recipient of any research grant.