I lived in a one bedroom apartment with the kitchen window overlooking the street. The bird cage for the two budgies Michael and Button was in the kitchen, locked only for the night. During daytime the birds had the run of the house. When Button died Michael grieved, and this is how he expressed his fear and sorrow to me telepathically, which came through in a dream.

MICHAEL'S LAMENT  (bird people)

Dream interpreted [   Uncle Jesus praised my eating habits. Whenever delicacies are served, I choose the simple items to eat. He says the best things are not derived from food. Well, I don't know, they look pretty good to me.

(Although there are two food cups, Michael preferred to share one cup with Button. He gallantly waited for her to eat first, while impatiently prancing by) . 

My place of employment is a large futuristic place. Many modern mechanical devices. At the controls (kitchen table) is the young lady operator and others to talk with her. (voices from the radio. Michael is able to distinguish between male and female voices). She knows exactly what button to push to obtain certain results. Her console is on front of her (typewriter). There are other devices, all kinds. The most incredible one I discovered only recently. It is the one at level with her head, a voice box (radio on top of the fridge). It talks when she pushes the large front push-button (glass covered front panel, the dial is on the side). She pushes this button for the throat  to be activated. Now, if I had to take over controls, I am sure I would not be able to activate the throat box. 

(Button died on Sunday. Since then I leave the radio on for Michael all day, so that indeed he is at the controls by himself. On the evening I turn on the stereo in the livingroom.)


If I was left alone at the controls, I would not know which button to push to obtain what results, but the talking box would be my greatest dilemma. It would be. I absolutely would not know what to do, or how to wear it by my head as she does. I might not be strong enough to push the button. 

I am always in the midst of large crowds (sparrows, squirrels and cats on the patio). I am very much alone among them though, going about my business silently (alone yes, silently no, frantic perhaps). 


I am a member of God's house. Lately I discovered my main altar gone (Button died). It upset me. I searched for her, and was told she had been taken back for repairs. When the work is done she will be returned. I am distrresed. I need repairs too. I feel I am slipping sometimes, barely make it. I feel lost and confused (distressed sobs). I am alone in the cage now, and I don't know how to run things. I think I will just go over the edge into disaster. Frankly, each time I pull through, I am surprised I made it. Oh yes, I see she is trying to help me, but ultimately I am left to do it on my own. She gives advice. I do it. Sometimes I find it insurmountable (sobs)...


Animal intelligence  (feline people)

A stay cat visited my balcony and I began to feed him. Soon the weather turned cold and I finally let him in and this is how he reflected his observations to me telepathically. I named the cat Tiffany.

dream interpreted [     Tiffany:    I was surprised when  you installed me in the one-bedroom hotel (locked up in the bedroom at first). Actually, all I asked for was a simple room with a bed where I can sleep undisturbed. I am very tired. It’s cold. I don't understand why there should be three rooms, but I won't argue.


I am sorry I don't speak your language well. If you speak in simple sentences, I understand you. But when it comes to for me uttering words, somehow it seems impossible. I will make  an  effort  to  learn, because I would like to be able to communicate with you. I had a home and family once, long time ago. Then I traveled and came to this cold place by the big apartment hotel. Your quarters are on the first or second floor (Note: Both, Tiffany is right. The building is cut into a hill. Depends how you look at it, with the garage door below). I have once been on the floor above you, just to look around. The three-room arrangement puzzles me. There is a living-room with a kitchen. I don't go to (forbidden) the kitchen (battle of the birdcage)Another room yet (bedroom). A livingroom with a kitchen-sink, a bedroom with a sink (bathroom). Sinks are to drink from, but why have them in every room? Oh well.


I caught an insect. It stings and I crunch it. I have seen the bird and I am very interested. I want to take my insect to it. It had been taken to another room (locked up in the bedroom). I would very much like to visit it. I don't know where the bird is, I guess it’s locked up in another room, I must visit it.  ]

 Last update:  February 2018